Our priority is to investigate our customers' overseas market analysis, methods of procurement and other business areas required by the projects in order to increase their competitiveness and export abroad.And also another important case is to provide them with the most accurate informations on the sectoral basis and to enable them for signing a productive trade flow.

    With our professional team and our experience in this field,we increased Turkey’s exports and we continue our work with our experiences in different sectors regarding purchasing delegations brought to Turkey.Especially for the exporter associations, chambers of commerce and industry and through the professional organizations for industrial and commercial delegations held abroad.

    The profiles and the presentations of the participant companies who want to make B2B meetings with the local firms in abroad are prepared in detail by our professional team with a great care and diligence to find them the most accurate and the most effective contacts.

    In order to increase the international cooperations and exports of the companies, KOSGEB provide a big support to the Turkish participants.Most of the expenses of your business trip can be covered by KOSGEB when you documented them to the KOSGEB after the end of your business trip.

    If you have any questions about KOSGEB supports and applications or if you have any request regarding your travel plans,please don’t hesitate to contact with us.

    We would like to inform you that we are always ready to assist you as EXPO TOUR TEAM.